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AI based Data Management

For the first time ever

Nakya AI

Your gateway to the
research and operations
through the combined
power of

AI based Process Intesification

ML based Proces Clone

Nakya is an experience

It is not just a product

We offer you access to  faster research at lower cost with never experienced seamlessness so that you can explore the science better and serve the world  with best !!

How will Nakya optimize your 
research & operations ?

We automize your journey from an idea till success yes we are there with you until the very end

Predict experimental outcomes 

 Automated single data reservoir with a desired format from literally any source 


 official and scientific documents generation

Perform your experiments virtually

Limitless data manipulation tools at your disposal 

Who do we support? 

Our AI and ML-based automized solutions help you manage, store and manipulate your data effectively, while our process intensification and cloning techniques help you optimize your research and manufacturing processes.





Alt protein/cultivated meat indsutry

Cell and Gene therapy

Why Choose Nakya  AI??

Nakya is here to make you unique 

Extra horsepower to your research

Utilize our tailor made algorithms to predict and compare outcomes and process clones to perform virtual experiments. Speed up your research by 10 folds. 

Our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs.

Save millions in cost

With Nakya AI's next gen algorithms, you can predict outcomes and run redundant experiments  virtually. The platform is designed to help you save costings at every step of your journey while reducing your experimental load.

Enable COGs for each scientific process

AI based resource optimization

Improve the product quality while reducing research cost/raw materials

Seamless & automated documentation and data management

Connect all your workstations, instruments and data reservoirs

Enjoy structured handsfree:

Data gathering



 Official/unofficial documentation 

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