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Bringing a paradigm shift to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sciences

We strive to achieve what no one else could !!
 Named after the great chaNAKYA an ancient Indian visionary, polymath and the creator of Arthshatra . He was known for his reforms and reinvention of operating systems.
At Nakya AI we aim to follow his footsteps...

Nakya is an experience

It is not just a product

Our Mission

Nakya AI is an AI/ML platform set to transform the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. In an industry burdened by outdated decades old methodologies, Nakya emerges as a beacon of innovation, offering a seamless platform to dramatically optimize research, innovation, big data analysis and management by introducing a new way of operating the pharmaceutical industry

Our vision

This state-of-the-art solution can automize and streamline data collection, visualization, storage, manipulation and analysis in turn fueling the AI backed by the machine learning algorithms to provide innovative and rapid solutions for process prediction, pattern recognition, PAT analysis, tech transfer, which not only intensifies the journey of products to market by various folds but also makes the involved process/research simpler and cheaper  by minimizing utilization of raw materials, labor, experimental efforts and TIME

What makes us unique ?

  • Community dev. approach:

    • Leverage fundamental academic knowledge and partnerships to develop process twins.

    • Further the community by providing free services to academia.

  • Best location:

    • Operating out of Boston, we will be the sole entity in the space

  • Modern approach:

    • Provide customers with an experience, not just a boring product. They will be craving for using it everyday.

  • Scientific approach:

    • Easily beat the competition using our secret sauce (innovative and advanced scientific strategies)

  • Understanding of the ground level situation: 

    • Having firsthand experience, we understand the severity  of problem.


Get in Touch

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